Eco Dyeing Day

Our last meeting was our annual dyeing day, held on 16 June at Gwen’s farm.  What a day we had! The following members attended the meeting: Pascale, Heather, Gerda, Lora, Gwen, Olywn, Margarita, Stella, Frances, Maureen and Margaret.

Before we got busy dyeing, we were treated to a sneaky peek of the apron Margaret had made for a good friends birthday.

Maureen also showed us her mini woven landscapes.  In each one she has used a little of her own handspun yarn.

Lora lead a wonderful day of eco dyeing on silk scarves which she had mordanted in alum the night before. We all brought various types of foliage and even fruit and vegetables to try out on our scarves. We were experimenting on what foliage might lend its colour best in the dyeing process and secondly which of these would be colour fast on washing.

The mordanted silk scarf was sandwiched between two lengths of cling film with a filling of your favourite vegetation laid on top of the scarf. The scarf and cling film layers were then rolled tightly around a robust twig and tied tightly with cotton twine along the length of the twig. These sausage like wraps were the steamed for two hours. After this, we brought them home to unfurl them the next day and remove the vegetation and let them dry out.

We took photos of the vegetation layout on the mordanted scarf on the day and were asked to photo the scarf again on unfurling and again after gently hand washing and drying. These photos and the finished scarf will constitute the Show and Tell session at our next meeting on 21 July in Bishopstown Library.

During the steaming process, a wonderful picnic was had by all and Frances and Lora updated the Guild on current and upcoming yarn and design festivals.

Never a timewaster Lora used the second hour of the steaming process to demonstrate making leaf greeting cards with acrylic paints.

Our July meeting will be held at the library on July 21st


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