Pin Weaving in September


Maureen, one of our members led a wonderful workshop on Pin Weaving at our September meeting.   Ten members were able to make it on the day; Heather, Gerda, Frances, Mary, Olywn, Tish, Maureen, Lora and her friend Lucy, and Margaret.  

Required supplies were minimal, we all brought a small selection of yarns and a bodkin, whilst Maureen had very kindly prepared the boards we needed for the pin weaving prior to the workshop.  This allowed us to spend as much time working on our projects as possible.

As is often the case when a group of people all work on a similar project, one of the fascinating things is how different the results can be.  It will be interesting to see what the tapestries look like once they are completed.

We were able to continue weaving whilst we caught up on Guild News and the members talked about their Show and Tell items.

In Guild News, we’re delighted to welcome the return of several pieces of equipment we assumed had been lost forever.  The spinning wheel and the loom will be given the once over to ensure they’re in full working order.  After which, all three items be available for hire by our members as per the loan scheme.

For Show and Tell, Mary, delighted us all with a catch up on her 2018 Spinning Diary.  Having stuck to her plan, Mary has managed to spin from her stash of fibre for an hour on most days.  The yarn she has been making is gorgeous, some of which has already been knitted into a couple of shawls.

The day was rounded off with plans for our October and November meetings and a brief look towards 2019 and 2020 when the guild will be celebrating its 40th birthday.

Author: LeftFootDaisy

I love fibre and it's my mission to play with as much of it as I can. Spinnig, dyeing, weaving, knitting, crochet & sewing.

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