A Patchwork of Colour

Our February meeting was held in Bishopstown Library on Saturday, 16th February 2019.

It was a very busy meeting and we were thrilled to welcome several new members.  Is it too early to celebrate that news about our group is beginning to spread?


The main focus for our meeting was to begin our Explorations in Colour apestry weaving project which will run for the next few months and be displayed (fingers crossed) in October.

The beauty of this project is in its ’simplicity, it’s the perfect introduction piece for a newbie weaver and allows the more competent weaver the chance to strip things right back.  When completed, the squares will give us a multitude of ways to display them.

‘Explorations in Colour’ Project 2019

Gerda introduced this year’s weaving project influenced by an exhibition she had once seen entitled ‘Seeing Red’. Each member is to produce an 8×8 inch weave in the colour which they drew from a hat. Each weaver is not to deviate from their colour i.e. it can be of any shade/tone within their colour parameter and can include an array of fibres and textures.


The room was a hive of activity as each one secured a frame and began putting on the warp, ably directed by the expertise of Frances, Mary and Tish, who deserve a big thank you for their time and great patience.

There was a Swap-Table setup and many took the opportunity to glean fibres for their 8×8 square.

Some Helpful Advice was given to the Novices among us!

  • If using 4-ply, double it up
  • If weaving bouncy Acrylic, put a piece of cotton (or weaving wool) with it so you don’t have trouble when patting down 
  • You can use tapestry yarns. It may be a bit pricey but maybe the colour someone is looking for.

In all, the meeting was a fun and enjoyable time with a great buzz of excitement and industry as yarn and knowledge were swapped.  All present completed the first step of their project – warping their loom. Thanks are due to Gerda for the ingenious project idea, Lora for all her running around in preparation for the morning and again, to Frances, Tish and Mary for their generosity in sharing their expertise and patience.

As this is an ongoing project, members have been asked to bring their work to each meeting so we can share our progress.  Members have also received a comprehensive list of Tapestry Weaving Resources to help them with their pieces.

One of the items we spoke about at the meeting that might be of interest to those of you reading this blog, is the opening of the Irish Fibre Crafters studio?


Irish Fibre Crafters

Ger informed the Guild that The Irish Fibre Craft Place, Ardrahan, Co.Galway will open their public space on 23rd February 2019. All are welcome. Further information can be found on their website https://www.facebook.com/irishfibrecrafters/

Lora attended the Opening Day and has published a post about it on her blog here.

Our next meeting will take place later than usual on the 23rd March, in order to accommodate the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

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I love fibre and it's my mission to play with as much of it as I can. Spinnig, dyeing, weaving, knitting, crochet & sewing.

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