Onion Skin Magic

There aren’t enough hours in the day of late and even when there are, it would seem my broadband connection has other ideas.  That being said, our June meeting is fast approaching and I’ve realised I’m way behind with posts here.

So, travelling back in time to April, I wanted to quickly share the events of our meeting on the 27th, where we looked in more depth at dyeing with onion skins.

Many of our members purchased the 2019 Natural Dyeing Calender that Fran Rushworth produced and feeling inspired by all of Fran’s hard work, it was decided that we would select one of the dyes mentioned to explore in greater detail.

Onions are a staple ingredient for meals in most homes, they are also one of the easiest natural dyes to extract and Fran had outlined how to dye using them for January.

Keen to explore the colours that can be achieved using onion skins Lora carried out extensive experiments which she meticulously recorded and shared with the meeting.  Well labelled samples of these were passed around the table for all to examine.

Interested to see how different fibres react to the dyes, Lora worked with linen, cotton and wool fabric, extending her experiments to include some wool and cotton yarn.  Some were put into a brown onion skin’s dye bath whilst others were dyed using red onion skins. Her many experiments included adding mordant, not adding mordant, saddening the colours with iron or copper, washing in soap, not washing and using soya milk as a mordant. This list goes on and she has very generously offered to send on to any members interested the notes of her talk.

After Lora’s talk, the meeting adjourned for a quick cuppa/lunch and all met again for the Guild Business Meeting.

How are everyone’s tapestries going? At this juncture, each member had the opportunity to share how their 8×8 tapestry was coming along and show their work to the meeting. Yvonne, in particular, a complete beginner to weaving, has been very industrious, showing us her first attempts – an inspiration to everyone. Well done, Yvonne.

Show & Tell Bernice, Lora and Yvonne showed their tapestries. Issues they were having were discussed and advice given.

Margaret showed the Baby Surprise Jacket which she is working on at present, in a gender natural colour. She gave a short history on the design of the jacket, her love of which can be seen in the post about it on the guild’s blog here.

Having been inspired by Gerda’s work, Lora showed a rug which she had recently completed on her peg loom.

Olwyn showed a few examples of God’s Eyes or Ojos de Dios (of Mexican origin) and suggested that this might be a fibre craft which can be shared with children at festivals as it involves an element of weaving. This is one of the ways contributions of wool can be used at HGC demonstrations.

Lots of other topics came up for discussion including the various events and shows the guild would be attending as well as the possibility of a guild retreat in Kerry.

Author: LeftFootDaisy

I love fibre and it's my mission to play with as much of it as I can. Spinnig, dyeing, weaving, knitting, crochet & sewing.

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