Weaving Work

With so many of our members keen to work on their Explorations in Colour Tapestries, it was decided that our May get together would be a working meeting.

Each member brought their tapestry weaving project and Tish kindly agreed to be available to give advice to anyone who requested it.  In addition to the sale/swap/contribute table, there was also an opportunity to swap yarn for the 8×8 tapestry squares.

An Industrious Morning

By 10.30am, everyone had found a place to work and the weaving commenced.  The atmosphere was a relaxed hum of activity, with Tish and Frances on hand to give advice and help as they went. 

The 8×8 tapestries are at various stages of completion and are looking great.

Bernice, a beginner to tapestry weaving, proudly cut her piece off her frame and Tish showed her how to tie the ends.

Mounting and Hanging our 8×8 Tapestry Weavings

There was a lengthy discussion on the mounting and hanging of our 8×8 tapestry pieces for exhibition. Gerda has put a lot of thought, and work, into experimenting how to best do this.

As the Guilds is 40 years old in 2020, it was agreed that our colour project should reflect this by exhibiting forty 8×8 woven tapestries in one exhibit, made by HGC members.

There will be an opportunity for members to exhibit other pieces of their work in the Cork Vision Centre during the month of August 2020, (coinciding with Cork Craft Month).

A Title for our 2020 Exhibition

Members are encouraged to give thought to a title for our 2020 exhibition. 

Photos Please! – For a Book to Record the 40-Year History of the Guild

It was suggested that a book be created to record the past forty years of HGC.  Olwyn made a request for photos of past events and former years of the Guild. 

Tish suggested that the photos would also serve to produce a loop slide show which could be played throughout the 2020 exhibition at the Cork Vision Centre in August next year.

Stories, too.

In addition to photos, the book would serve as a great way of recording stories, such as present members remembering the individuals, whose passion and expertise in weaving led them to set up the Guild.

After some discussion on how such a book should be made, each member is encouraged to give this consideration.  Bernice, who has expertise in this area, agreed to bring the ‘A Stitch in Time’ book (produced by Ballyphehane Arts & Crafts Group) for us to see.

Gerda mentioned that, before the arrival of modern technology, the newsletter was written and posted out to each member every month.  She has samples of these along with copies of a yearbook that was produced,  which she has agreed to bring to the next meeting.

Joan suggested weaving a cover for the HGC history record/scrapbook. This is open to anyone who wishes to do so.

Sale/Swap/Contribution Table

It is great to see the table in use. There are some fab ‘swap’ yarns available and wonderful that members availing of them.

A big ‘thank you’ to Tish and Frances, who very generously have contributed completed woven pieces.  Items are needed for display when the Guild is represented at various events around the country.  We are seeking to promote our existence and to rally new members. 


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I love fibre and it's my mission to play with as much of it as I can. Spinnig, dyeing, weaving, knitting, crochet & sewing.

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